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Maciek Łazowski, illustrator

photo by Kamil Świtalski

Maciek Łazowski is a picture maker based in Warsaw, Poland.


His name is pronounced a bit like “my cheque” and his surname sounds exactly like the one of Mike Wazowski.

Years of cartooning and designing led him to discover his true passion for illustration. These experiences are fused in his work, which is bold, geometric and playful. Its goal is to put a smile on your face, or at least make you think: „that’s…peculiar”.


He’s lend his pencil-holding hand to clients like HP, Newsweek Psychology, National Geographic, Danone, HBO, Egmont, Škoda, and PlayStation.


He still has a couple of illustrations in him, so if you have a problem that can be solved by an image feel free to reach out to him at


- Affinity Spotlight

- Creativehowl


Selected publications:

- How to take care of Earth (illustrations), 2023, Papilon

- Kosmos (illustrations), 2023, Papilon

- Haj (illustrations), 2022, Altenberg

- Sieciaki (illustrations), 2020, Muchomor

- Ale komputery! (illustrations), 2019, Art Egmont,

- Mały manipulator (illustrations), 2019, Tadam,

- Wielka księga małego patrioty (illustrations), 2018, Wilga,

- Olek i psotny kotek (illustrations), 2018, Publicat,

- Burze kuchenne i bestie bezsenne (illustrations), 2017, Tadam,

Prawda o tramwajach (illustrations), 2015, Muchomor,

Niebieskie lata (words and illustrations), 2014,,

Co się dzieje, kiedy śpisz? (words and illustrations), 2013, Muchomor



International Collage Art Exhibition, 2020, Warsaw, Poland (group show)

Cheeky collages, 2019, Łódź, Poland (solo show)

Scrub, 2019, Warsaw, Poland (solo show),

Video games, all day long, 2019, Warsaw, Poland (group show),

Lines, shapes and silliness, 2018, Lodz, Poland (solo show), 

Doodles, 2017, Lodz, Poland (solo show),

European fairytales in illustration, 2015, Santiago De Compostela, Spain (group show),

European fairytales in illustration, 2014, Lodz, Poland (group show)

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